Powder Coating Booths

Powder Coating Booths

Orva Plus manufactures powder coating booths with cyclone collectors to recover overspray powder paint, which can be reuse. Our different types of powder paint booth with cyclone collectors are suitable for every type of powder paint application needs. We are delivering solutions for manual and auto application of powder coating, in various well known industries in Pakistan. Powder paint booth with cyclone collectors is suitable for single shade powder coating paint recovery. Powder coating booths with cyclone collectors is widely used in industry to recover over spray powder from air during application.  The capacity of a powder coating recovery system is to gather the overspray material and render it suitable for reusing and in the meantime to expel the powder particles from the fumes air stream before release into the environment.

Powder Coating Recovery System Key Benefits

  • For a standard powder the recovery efficiency can be as high as 95%.
  • Produce neat and clean powder paint shop environment
  • Operator safety
  • Easy maintenance
  • Suitable for single color
  • High throughput rates

The recovered powder is removed from the cyclone hopper and is then passed through a sieve to remove any unwanted dust particles.  The recovered powder is then mixed with the fresh powder according to predetermined proportions.

Powder Spray Booth

Different design of powder spray booth available like manual and auto spray booth with cyclone collectors for wide use of powder coating application. We always focus to deliver innovative solutions as per individual application needs, which really help us to grow in Powder spray booth business in Pakistan. Our powder spray booth is ideal for large and small powder coating application needs. Saving of materials and energy are the key parameter to reduce production cost in powder coating application.

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