Powder Coating Machine

Powder Coating Machine

Orva Plus is known by pioneer in powder coating machine manufacturer in Pakistan. We have started our journey from 2003 in the field of powder coating machine manufacturing in Pakistan. We feel proud to hold more than 70% share of Pakistan market in powder coating machine manufacturers due to our commitment and excellent after sales services throughout the Pakistan. Our electrostatic powder coating system quality has helped us to develop long term business relations and trust of our clients in electrostatic coating equipment. Strong business relations and references of our clients is the proof of our strong footing in powder coating machine manufacturing in Pakistan. Orva Plus is well trusted powder spray gun manufacturer in Pakistan.

Electrostatic powder coating machine

Powder coating unit is also known as electrostatic powder coating machine. Orva Plus is manufacturing full range of powder coating gun as per electrostatic coating market needs in Pakistan including manual and auto automatic powder coating machine. We have developed powder coating unit as per client individual needs also. Our significant approach and understanding of client needs will proved us the best manufacturer among all powder coating machine manufacturers in Pakistan. Orva Plus powder coating machines are suitable for all powder coating needs of any relevant industry.  Electrostatic powder coating machine is suitable for all type of powder paint like epoxy, polyester, metallic and sahara colors.

Powder coating gun

Orva Plus develop most efficient powder coating gun which delivers ease of powder coating application in small and large production needs of industries. We always focus to develop creative work in the field of electrostatic coating equipment to make sure the job is done in very easy way. Our most efficient electrostatic powder coating gun deposit maximum charged paint on work piece and less waste in air, which help to save production cost.

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