OP-200 Manual Gun


The OP-200 manual spray system is a manual coating solution for precision powder coating.OP-200 improved manual coating system is an outstanding powder charging equipment, which ensures less waste of powder paint and maximum production.The improved OP-200 spray gun nearly 30 percent lighter in weight makes the painter’s job significantly easier, for even more consistent and repeatable coating performance.The most modern equipment is equally good for all kind of powder like, plain, texture, metallic and ease of use for painter and color change speed.

The OP-200 is suitable for all kind of parts, coat easily even on complex geometry objects. Excellent wrap around effects to ensure efficiency.

Orva Plus OP 200 Specification

Electrical Specification 
Moisture1.3g/m 3 max
Main Supply Voltage220V/AC 50HZ
Power40 Watts
Internal Supply Voltage12V AC
Oscillation Frequency20KHZ
Gun Out Put Volts100KV
Maximum Out Put Current15 µ ampere
Out Put PolarityNegative Charge
Gun Specification
Gun Cable Length4 meter
Gun Hose Length4 meter
Powder Flow Rate5-30kg/hour
Air Specification
Main Air Pressure75-100psi
Inlet Hose Diameter270mm
Air Consumption 12m 3/hour
Air QualityOil 0.1ppm


Orva Plus OP 200 Powder Coating Machine

OP 200

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