Powder Coating Oven

Powder Coating Oven

Orva Plus is well known manufacturer of complete range of thermal efficient powder coating oven in Pakistan. We have our fully equipped fabrication workshop for fabrication of powder coating curing oven in Pakistan. We always pay attention to individual needs of our clients for complete powder coating equipment solutions specific requirement. Orva Plus industrial curing oven is suitable to deliver maximum thermal efficiency which ensures to reduce energy cost and maximum production. Orva Plus complete range of industrial curing ovens is suitable for medium and large production needs of powder coating application and as well as for liquid spray paint industries. Our powder coating oven internal hot air circulation system ensures to maintain well balance temperature throughout the oven. Orva Plus batch type powder coating oven available with manual and auto burner heating system.

 Powder coating line

Orva Plus is manufacturing industrial conveyor ovens as well as batch ovens for semi and fully automatic powder coating line. Industrial conveyor ovens are suitable for bulk production needs of powder coating application jobs. Fully automatic powder coating line cut floor space, reduce manpower, production cost and save energy.

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